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Art. 1: Preamble:

These general terms and conditions are valid for all contracts and sales orders accepted
by Tesla Networks BV, unless there is a special contract in which is specified, very
clear, that one or more specific items are changed. In case there is a contradiction
between the general terms and conditions proposed by the customer ant those of Tesla
Networks BV, the general terms and conditions of Tesla Networks BV are valid,
unless Tesla Networks BV has issued a written document in which it explicitly accepts
the purchase terms and conditions of the customer. Offers and pricelist can be changed at
any time and without warning

Art. 2: Order acceptance:

Customer order can only be accepted as binding, when the order is accepted in writing
by an authorized person of Tesla Networks BV. Order cancellation by the customer,
for verbal or written and or confirmed orders, will result in an order cancellation fee, to
be paid to Tesla Networks BV, with a value of 25% of the cancelled order. This
amount is due within 10 days after the cancellation has been announced to Tesla
Networks BV

Art. 3: Delivery:

3.1. All announced and mentioned delivery dates and delays are an approximation.
Proposed and indicated delivery dates are never binding. Delivery beyond the proposed
delivery date, does not offer the customer the right to cancel his order without paying the
penalty mentioned in article 2. Postponed deliveries do not offer the customer the right to
claim any indemnification or compensation.

3.2. In case of “Force Majeur”, or causes out of control of Tesla Networks BV (strike,
war, transport problems, etc.) the delivery term is set on “Hold” for the period in which
the force majeur occurs. If due to these facts the delivery term is doubled, the customer
has the right to cancel the order without paying a cancellation fee, but also without any
indemnification to be paid by Tesla Networks BV. Cancellation is only valid if it has
been done in writing (letter or fax)

3..3. Tesla Networks BV has the right to execute partial deliveries. Partial deliveries,
does not relieve the customer of paying the partial invoices.

3.4. All prices and shipping are “Ex Works” (EXW). All transport risks, such as loss,
damage, theft, etc. are at the customers risks and cost. This is also valid, if Tesla Networks
BV makes the arrangements for the shipping.

3.5. Complaints concerning shipments have to be done in writing, with a registered letter,
within 5 working days after the delivery. Complaints received beyond this period, are not
acceptable anymore

Art. 4: Payment conditions:

4.1. All invoices are made, on the basis of cash on delivery. Except when another term
has been agreed upon. However the payment term can never be longer than 30 days after
delivery, as foreseen by the EEC regulations and the Belgian law. Every payment delay,
will grant Tesla Networks BV a reimbursement of 1,5% of the total amount due, for
every month started after the due date. On top of this the fee for money collection will be
15 % of the total amount due, with a minimum of 25 Euro per invoice. All other costs
paid by Tesla Networks BV to collect the overdue payments will be charged to the

4.2. If Tesla Networks BV does not start the claim procedure for overdue payments
immediate after the due date, this does not mean that Tesla Networks BV forsakes its
rights to the above mentioned indemnities.

4.3. Complaints about the invoicing date, are only valid, if the claim is made by registered
letter, not later than 8 days after the invoice date.

Art.5.Conformity of goods, warranty, claims:

5.1. Warranty for all products delivered by Tesla Networks BV will not extend the
warranty periods and conditions set forward by the manufacturer of the product.

5.2. During the warranty period, all repair and maintenance has to be handled by Tesla
Networks BV. All other interventions by the customer or any third party will make the
warranty claim void. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, there is no warranty on second
hand products, or products sold at reduced pricing. The warranty obligation, whatever
the warranty claim may be, will not extend the repair or the replacement of the delivered
products, according the warranty specifications of the manufacturer.


5.3. Claims concerning the conformity of the products, or about visual stated damage,
need to be made in writing, within two working days after the delivery. Claims received
behind that period will not be valid anymore.


5.4. Technical specifications and brochures, have to be seen as a general description.
Tesla Networks BV is not responsible for failures in the technical or commercial
documentation. Specifications may change without notice


Art. 6: Transfer of property:


Diverging from art 1583 B.W., all products delivered or in transfer are the full and only
property of Tesla Networks BV, until full payment is received and accepted by Tesla
Networks BV. The customer accepts this restriction of property transfer, and accepts
that he cannot sell, lease, use as a security, or transfer the goods in another way, unless
full payment of the products is made. Until full payment, the transfer of goods needs to be
considered as a lease. The receiver takes full responsibility for the protection of the goods
against theft, damage, loss etc..


Art. 7: Changes:


TESLA NETWORKS BV can change the general terms and conditions at any time.
On all actual an accepted orders. These general terms and conditions are valid unless
other conditions have been agreed upon in writing.


Art. 8: Conflicts:

Our general terms and conditions are governed and construed in accordance with the
Belgian law. The Antwerp courts have the only jurisdiction in case of conflicts concerning
the general terms and conditions All notices, claims, remarks, have to be sent to:
Pannenhuisstraat 2, 2222 Itegem Beglium

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